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Does anybody have any? Help would be much appreciated.
Irvine Wrote:Does anybody have any? Help would be much appreciated.

There are a ton of free ones at: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... delsE.html</a><!-- m -->

The FrameForge FBX Converter will import them, just in the open dialog change the file type from FBX to 3DS/OBJ.

Here's a random one I imported from that site as a test. It's a Herabuna and you should note that I spent the time to identify and rename the various fish parts (fins, tail, eyes) in the converter which gives you a lot of control of the fish's look in FrameForge.

If you convert any others, please post them here!

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Looking for a basic shark object

Tried the files from
but the FBX convertor in FFv4 wouldn't recognise the .3ds files

Any other suggestion to find a free/low cost shark object


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