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eGPU Blackmagic & frameforge

Could you tell me what laptop is better for using frameforge?
(I have a surface BOOK First generation)

Plus eGPU Blackmagic is compatible with frameforge?

Hey dark-art, my 2 cents -

I first tried FrameForge on an all-in-one PC I bought, but couldn't use due to limits of the on-board graphics and no way to add a graphics card. I updated to an AMD 6-core processor (which I believe equates to an Intel I5) and Radeon HD7450 card and it works fine.

I since got an I7 Samsung laptop with a Radeon 540 and it seems fine as well - really just use on my desktop.

Your external graphics card seems way more than adequate. If your looking for a new laptop I would suggest an I7 processor with your external graphics card or a decent embedded card, most likely a new laptop would come with one. I do believe a good graphics card is the more important factor.

Brand wise - I like my Samsung, but a Surface should be great. I usually go HP, but got a Cyber Monday deal on this.

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