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FF Mac user needed

A while back, a filmmaker friend of mine worked on a script of a short movie and started the storyboard he never finished. Actually, he isn't in the business anymore and hands me both script and storyboard.
The thing is, he used FF for MacOS and saved the .previz to the Mac format... I work with Windows and cannot open his project file. And, not to mention, he does not have his computer anymore to export it again !

So before starting from scratch, if I could find a Mac user who would export the file to the Cross Platform format... this would be awesome !

Thank you.
Hi, M!  I understand your problem.  I use FrameForge on a MacBook Pro.  If you e-mail me your file, I'll export it in the Cross Platform format and send it to you.

The only problem I can anticipate is that if the file your filmmaker friend created contains any nonstandard objects, I won't have those in my object library.  So the file I send you may be missing those nonstandard objects.

But go ahead and send me your file at

I'll do my best.

Andre Tittle
Andre Tittle

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