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Full Version: Green Room: click part to select part
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It would be very nice if clicking on a part in the Green Room's preview window would select it in the Part Name dropdown. Finding which name represents a visual thing that's "right there" is kinda annoying and does slow you down.

It's particularly confounding in that part names are not the class name (e.g. "pants"), but the selection name (e.g. "jeans"). So when you change the look, the corresponding item in the Part Name dropdown changes name and position. I think that the part should be identified by class, not selection.

Then again, supporting a click in the picture would be best.

Btw, part names are wrong sometimes. For example if you put a man in pajamas (straight leg), that part shows up as "dress pants" in the part picker. Pajamas (baggy legs) shows up as "baggy pants" in the picker. I assume these are bugs.
I see this is there in Thanks so much!
For the benefit of other forum users, I should mention that the aforementioned is the Mac version. I believe that the next update for Windows will also have this new feature, but I don't know how soon that will be posted.

For completeness, I'll also mention one case in which you'd still have to use the menu to select a part. Some transparent parts, such as car windshields, have been made "transparent to clicks". So if you try clicking on the windshield, you will actually be clicking on something inside the car.