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Full Version: Vertical scrolling shot manager
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Thumbnails in the shot manager currently scroll according to a model that is generally unseen in all other software. In the current model, the scroll bar is represented horizontally, but thumbnails, rather than scrolling together as a page through the viewport, "wind" like a snake through the rows.

I use my mouse wheel to scroll, as intended, but I honestly never know what "scrolling" will look like until I witness it. And even then it's visually perplexing. This is because that act of *vertically* scrolling the mouse has no graphical relationship to the *horizontal* scroll bar, which has no graphical relationship to the *vertical and horizontal coiling" flow of thumbnails. It's a visual shuffling of thumbnails that breaks spatial relationships at every move, leaving the user with no landmarks for visual tracking or search as they scroll.

This issue is compounded by the fact that thumbnail motion does not animate. Thumbnails snap to whole new positions, giving the user no visual cue as to the direction of movement. Of course, to animate would reveal inherent perversity as items would have to animate the worm-hole connecting the end of one row to the start of the next.

This suggestion is to re-factor scrolling to be (perhaps optionally) entirely traditional - thumbnails would lay out normally to the right, wrapping in rows; and the "page" of thumbnails would scroll as a whole per platform convention (OSX: Up>Up, WIN: Up>Down)

TLDR; Please make SM shot view scroll like normal galleries.

[Image: gjnYNzL.jpg]
If there are several rows of shots in the shot sequencer, this would make sense. But if there's only one row, a vertical scroll bar would be rather short. It's hard to scroll through a lot of content with a short scroll bar. I suspect that's why a horizontal scroll bar was used.
Yeah, with a single line, a horizontal "filmstrip" model is better. But with a multi-row gallery, it isn't. This is the "tyranny of the OR" - one should not have to choose one way. I have 9 rows visible, so the one-row case is totally irrelevant to my daily use.

So I'd like to suggest filmstrip mode (horizontal scroll) when only one row visible, and gallery mode (vertical) for 2+.

I believe that both schemes are worthy depending on the situation. For example, in this idea post, I used the filmstrip model because it's packed into a unified main view. But that does not preclude offering a useful pop-up gallery for broad navigation thought a large set of shots.

Powerpoint has an example of this in it's Slide Sorter view:

[Image: cyawAo7.png]
[Image: d3rL3oN.png]