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Full Version: New Movement Arrows Objects
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I was using one of the ruler objects yesterday. I love the way I can select the ends of the ruler and extend it like a tape measure. And in the process of doing this it suddenly occurred to me that I would love to have some new movement arrows objects I could extend just like I can extend ruler objects. Ideally I’d want to be able to extend and bend and change the color of these new movement arrows objects. Here’s why.

While FrameForge does many things brilliantly, I tend not to use it that much when I’m simply trying to figure out the blocking of actors and cameras over the course of a scene. I’m talking about the basic movement as seen from above in an overhead blocking diagram. I tend to figure out the blocking first—and then start building my set and populating it and snapping shots.

But in using one of the ruler objects, I suddenly realized that with some new movement arrows objects I could use them in Blueprint View to experiment with various blocking or movement patterns or ideas.

Again, what I’m requesting isn’t about snapping shots. It’s about using FrameForge in a slightly different way to help me figure out or plan the movement in a scene—movement that will then be reflected in the storyboards or animatics I create.

Then, once I’ve determined the blocking, I could snap a shot with any camera to save this layout as a movement baseline. Alternatively I could simply delete or hide the movement arrows as I finalize my set and start snapping shots.

Ideally, in addition to being able to extend the length of these new movement arrows objects, I’d want to be able to bend and manipulate them in order to show an irregular path around furniture and through doorways. I’d also want to be able to change the color of them in the Green Room to represent the movement of different actors and/or the camera(s).

Finally, I’d like the option of being able to use these new movement arrows in both Blueprint View (in the Live View) and in the Shot Manager, which of course would mean adding these new movement arrows to both the library and the scroll box containing the movement arrows in the Shot Manager.

Thank you in advance for considering my request.