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Full Version: Blueprint Printing Option - Feature Request
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I've been thinking about James's response in the topic below, and I'm writing to suggest a new feature.

Quote:Make the blueprint view show the area you want, then use the menu command Sets > Blueprint Printing Layout > Lock to Current View. FrameForge will then give the option of updating the blueprint images for all the shots on that set. If you don't want to use the same area for all the shots on the same set, then you'd need to lock the view, resnap the shots that should use that area, update the blueprint and lock again, resnap appropriate shots, and so on.

When it comes to printing blueprints at a useful size, I think it would be enormously helpful when I click a Store Shot button, and the Stored Shot Data dialog box appears, that the box include a button labeled something like "Blueprint Zoom" or "Size Blueprint." Clicking this button would then display a window in which I could quickly scroll, shift, shrink, or expand any portion of the blueprint to size the image exactly to my liking.

The benefit of this "Blueprint Zoom" button would be both as a visual reminder to size the blueprint as I store or snap each shot, and as a quick way to do exactly that now that I've been reminded to do so. I don't know about anyone else, but when I'm framing a shot, and making minute adjustments to get it exactly the way I want it, I'm not thinking about the blueprint. It's only later when I print or export that I realize that my blueprint was snapped at a size that too often isn't helpful--or isn't as helpful as it could be--for this particular shot. That's why having this new button as a visual reminder would, I think, be helpful to many users.

For users who have elected not to have the Stored Shot Data dialog box appear, I would suggest having a Program Option setting that would allow the "Blueprint Zoom" button to appear even if the Stored Shot Data dialog box doesn't appear. And of course this option would also allow users not interested in this feature to keep the "Blueprint Zoom" button from appearing when they click a Store Shot button.

And of course once this feature has been used to resize a blueprint, this becomes the default or standard blueprint size or framing for all subsequent shots--until the user again uses the "Blueprint Zoom" button to adjust the blueprint framing when snapping or storing a subsequent shot.

The bottom line is that this new "Blueprint Zoom" button would give me the ability to quickly size the blueprint for each shot--as I snap each shot--in order to maximize the utility of all of my blueprints.

Thank you in advance for considering my request.