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Full Version: Not Much Happening Here!
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Don't mean to come off as off-putting, but I don't see much activity on these forums. I mean there aren't many participants here, and the FrameForge staff don't seem to contribute much in here in terms of tips and tricks or custom objects.
When FrameForge started up a new forum platform they did not move any of the old posts therefore dozens, if not hundreds, of posts which contained generally really useful stuff have been lost to us punters. Not sure if they will ever (have time to) add previous posts into the new forum, or if it is technically possible to add other people's posts, but I'd have expected them to put back the stuff that they had in their own section of Innoventive Supplied objects.
Hi Guys,
Yes...things are a bit quiet around here lately but traffic to our forums has been slowing down some even prior to changing over from the old to the new forums.

By the way, Luckyman, you are partially right.  When the time had come to replace the old forums with a more modern equivalent that had not been patched, modified and jerry-rigged to remain secure over the years, there was some talk of doing away with them entirely.  It was thought that there was too much old stuff in the forums and that the majority of posts were not relevant to our current releases.  There is some truth to that as that there were many posts that only applied to version 1 or 2 of FrameForge.  The decision was made to keep the forums for our users but not to migrate any post more than a specific age (which I don't recall off the top of my head at the moment).  So we did migrate a lot of the existing posts but did not migrate other older posts.  What I learned afterward was that it must have been a while since anyone had shared/posted a custom object, texture, decal, set or any other FrameForge item because none of those posts made the age requirement.

I did not just trash all of those items other users had posted over the years, though.  I still have them and have been going through them in my free time.  Some of these items are, frankly, of pretty poor quality and are being weeded out.  Many of them have to be slightly optimized in order to work with modern version of FrameForge.  Once Ive been able to go though everything and get them properly organized I plan to unleash them to the public on these forums again.  Depending on how well I can organize them, I will probably make them available individually and in packs.  So for instance if I come across a bunch of football related items, I'd put together a football pack of items as well as making them individually available.  It is taking time but we think it will be worth it in the end.

I have a question as it turns out.  What is a punter?  I've heard the term used before and have a general understanding of it's usage but it would be nice to hear it from someone who uses the term.  I could have looked up the meaning and probably should have by now but some things are better explained like this.  Is it a term of endearment?  Is it positive?  Negative?  I'm just curious is all.
Thanks for the detailed reply Chris. Look forward to the release of the restored and/or resurrected objects, whenever that may be.

A punter (in the UK - where I'm from rather than where I am now) is simply someone to whom you are providing a service in exchange for a fee. For example, a customer or concert audience so it doesn't have negative connotations, although other common uses, as Mr Google will happily explain, are gamblers placing a bet, or a prostitute's "john". I suppose that technically we "punters" are all taking a gamble that what we have paid for it going to be worth the price! I guess the gambling aspect comes from the expression "taking a punt", which reflects that fact that in football a punt means kicking the ball with your toes so the direction that the ball will take is anyone's guess (as that isn't the best way to control the outcome). Sorry I didn't have time to write a short answer!
No problem, thanks for the response. I can consider myself educated on the proper use of the term now. I'll be posting the objects before too long I believe.