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Full Version: layout Suggestions
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I currently own V3.5 and was looking over V4.  I'm disappointed that at first glance it's the same except for no coloring and boxes.  I'd like to make some suggestions that would make the program a lot easier to use.

1. Why is the overhead view of the set a square?    We have all this wasted space that could be used to help navigate.  Personally I stay in the overhead mode most often.  I'm constantly clicking on magnify, mousing to magnify, then back.  At least some shortcut keys for magnify, like photoshop?

2. Again like photoshop, why can't we have multiple windows.  I'd love to be able to drag the props menu over to my second monitor so I can browse more easily instead in the two TINY windows.  I'd love to have my floating camera windows in another box too, so I can see on a big screen what my cameras are seeing AND what my overhead is simultaneously.  What's great about this program is the amount of detail we can preplan for filming, however I feel like I'm going to go blind because I have lean over and squint to see all that detail on my screen.

3. I'd love to be able to add photos of the faces of actors I actually plan to use on the models.

  I would definitely pay for an upgrade with these updates.  Thank you.
Interesting, +1