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How do I change set/location measurements?
Hello, I am new to FF. I created a set and did a few scenes in there. Now I have to change a few of the measurements. Mainly the position of one room and one entrance. The problem ist, if I change it in room builder and open the shot manager, it goes back to its old state. My plan was to go through the shots and capture them again. How it is now, I would have to either create the scene new, or create the room for each shot newly. Is there a more simple way? Thanks for your help!
First, make a backup copy of your project before trying what I'm going to suggest, just in case. Then, select the moved walls and any other moved objects. Then select the menu command Objects > Percolate > Current Object's Position (location & orientation).
[Image: JamesWSigFile.png]
Dear Jamesw,

thank you for your tip. For some reason, it doesn't let me select that function. I can percolate the set, but not the "objects". Even if I select everything. Bummer.

I wonder what to do, when your locations changed, and you want to change the parameters of your previz to make it fit?

But thank you for your answer anyway.

What exactly do you mean by "it doesn't let me select that function"? Is the menu item dimmed, or if not, what stops you? The only thing I can think of that would make the menu item dimmed is if the selection includes cameras.
[Image: JamesWSigFile.png]
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