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Green screen
Anyone know how to put a .jpg image onto a flat wall, simulating a green screen effect? I tried importing but the only thing that works is saving as a panorama. I need it against a flat wall to set up my shot. Any ideas?

  1. First, you need a blank wall. You could drop one in from the object library, or draw one in Room Builder mode.
  2. Double-click the wall to bring it into the Green Room.
  3. Click the Colors/Textures/State tab in the upper right.
  4. In the Part Name menu, select the part you want to change, probably "wall surfaces [front]".
  5. Click the Add Texture button.
  6. In the resulting file dialog, select your image file.
  7. FrameForge will ask you to pick a folder within the Texture Library to receive a copy of the image.
  8. Click the Stretch Texture checkbox.
  9. Click the Apply button to leave the Green Room.
[Image: JamesWSigFile.png]

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