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Realistic Grass texture
How to apply the grass textures to your FrameForge 3D Projects.


Make a folder called "Grass textures" add the Grass_Park_(High_Res).jpg and Grass_Park_(Low_Res).jpg files.

Then place this folder inside the "Texture Library" folder. This can be found inside the "FrameForge 3D Studio Support" folder on your Hard drive.

Boot up FrameForge 3D

1) Under the menu heading "sets" pull down the list and...

2) Select "Edit Set Parameters"

3) Click on "Set New Floor Texture"

This opens the folder "Texture Library", navigate to the Parkland grass file

Set "Floor Image Tile Size" to the following dimensions.

Vertical 3.6 metres
Horizontal 3.6 metres

This should look pretty realistic scale wise with your actors. The file was shot looking straight down onto a park from about 4-5 metres up in the air so it works really well in terms of perspective and feel inside FrameForge 3D.

I would work with the low res files first for blocking and boarding then add the high res file for exports and renders.

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