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Bar set
Here is a little bar I created. I added three User created objects I downloaded from the Objects forum (the pool table, rack and barstools) as well as the lamp, booth, hi-top and glass rack I created (posted in objects). I am a newbie so I am ASSUMING you would need to download those as well?

One surprising thing is how just the glass rack REALLY slows things down. I add and remove it as needed to make FF run smoother. Another trick I learned was that I would create set copies and I would remove the half of the set outside the 180 line and things really moved quicker. I have a fast system with tons of RAM and it still slows when I add lots of props. I know, I know, all those props shouldn't be important and should be left out. But I am using this also to SELL the idea so the more it looks like a movie the better. My two cents and hints.

Jim Ross

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Well done for taking the time to post this, very helpful.

Cheers, John
Strange...this is a great set, but when you try to sit an actor on a stool, they stand on it instead.

I'm new to ff, so I'm assuming there's a way to tell the program to create the right relationship.

Also, is there a relationship for placing hands on the bartop, or any table for that matter?

You'll find the stools in the set probably don't have a relationship and the actors don't have poses so you'll have to make them yourself.

Easiest way of doing this is bring a chair into a default open set, then bring one of the actors and push the actor towards the chair and you will be offered an option to have him sit. This will glue the two objects together.

Next, select both objects, go to the Objects pull down menu and select the "Select by names" option, this opens a menu on the right hand side of the screen where you can check box a particular object. Check the box only for the chair and press your "delete key" effectively removing chair from the set and leaving your poor actor sitting on nothing in mid-air.

Next, bring in the stool object which was in the Bar set and bring it close to the actor. Try and ensure the actor is as close and looks like he is sitting on the stool as close as possible.

Make sure both the stool and actor object are selected and at this stage do not glue them. Click on both objects and click your right mouse button, you will be provided with a series of menu options, choose the "Free Positioning Mode", which is second on the mouse menu. This will take you to a Free Positioning Room where you can manipulate the stool and the actor so you are able to simulate the guy sitting on that stool.

Once happy click "apply" to take you back to your open set then ensure both objects (man and stool) are selected and click your right mouse button again this time select the "Store New Relation" option This will open up a requester where you can save this relation between the two objects, choose one of the options inside that.

Next, click on your right mouse button and choose "Glue Objects" then do same with right mouse button and choose the "Store as Pose" option. Similar to the Realtion dialogue box and store this with the same string of text (name) as you did for the relation. i.e. "Man sitting on stool"..

Now reload your bar set, and place your actor close to one of the bar stools you wish him to sit on and you will be provided with a pop-up mouse menu to have him set down. At which point, the two objects as they make collision will glue in the position you made the relation and the pose for which is sitting, of course..

Its a little long winded at first but copying an actor in a pose, removing the original object and replacing said object for a similar one not supplied with FF does the trick. I just did the same process for some custom rifle models I imported and I copied the AK-47 poses and duplicated them by using the same method described above.

The harder part of actually creating your own poses by manipulating the skeleton joints of the actors behaving in some way with an object. Again, I did this with an actor throwing a hand grenade because there is no "throwing" pose in FF so I made my own by manipulating the skeleton joints in the various parts of the actor's body.. You can of course do this in conjunction with predefined poses and combinations and tweaks..

Have a look at these poses produced by a female user and member of the forum which define a great collection of poses for female actors:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... php?t=1861</a><!-- m -->

and here

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... php?t=1862</a><!-- m -->

Once you get to grips with this aspect of FF you'll make more poses and relations for your own projects and maybe even share them with other users on the forum.. They all help..

Good luck with it..

Sounds a tad complicated...I will tackle some other issues first, then get back to that.

Thanks for the workaround...

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it is possible to save / add an objet taken from a set to the library object?
Well, if it was a built object, i.e. several other objects or building blocks glued together then yes. Simply bring it into the Green Room and save it as a virtual object. For step-by-step instructions go to page 20 in the users guide (either the printed copy or the PDF version by going to HELP-> USER GUIDE within the program) and read the section entitled Saving a modified Actor or Object as a Virtual Object.

If, on the other hand, it's a single true FrameForge object to begin with then it's ALREADY in your object library you just don't know where and you should use the Object Library search field to find it.
Great thanks.
It s working well.
Hey guys, I don't kinow what I'm doing wrong... I've downloaded this file to my set collection, but when I try to import it, it's not there.

I don't know if you're on Mac or Windows, but look around in Finder or Windows Explorer as the case may be, and see if you can find the file. One thing to watch out for is that sometimes the web browser changes the file name extension when you download a file, and if it isn't ".set", then FrameForge won't be able to import from it.

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