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High School Classroom

I'm working on a project which is pretty intense. I am building a high school. I'm sharing my work in the hopes of getting feedback and help.

The set is two classrooms next to each other. With rows of bookcases below the windows. 30 seat classroom. A 20' blackboard. A teacher's desk (with trashcan). Closets, doors and part of the hallway with lockers. With flourscent lights elevated 9' (in a 10' ceiling).

This is a work in progress. And I guess I can update as I go along.

My issue is that I think the amount of objects (30 desk/chairs +) on top of which, any characters that I bring it, seems to slow me down. Is there any way of optimizing the set somehow? I would like to eventually recreate single-moving-master-shot solution. It would be nice to take things out of a classroom to the hall - have the scene - and then follow a different character into the other classroom. (for example)

Any suggestions would be immensely appreciated.

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.set   HSCLASSROOM.set (Size: 29.54 KB / Downloads: 550)
If you problem is that your background objects are slowing you down, then just select all of the objects that the actors don't actually interact with and click "Display as Blocks for Speed" under the OBJECTS menu. They will appear as just grey blocks while you frame up shots, but they will render regularly.
How do you install this? Can't find anything on the forum to help.

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