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Template for 1024x1024 JPEG
Is there a template for a 1024x1024 JPG that has a raster of square meters/ square feet on it so I can open it as a Photoshop layer, draw blueprints onto it on another layer and then import that layer into FrameForge as a location floor texture so that I have my sketches on the floor and can build on that in exact scale?
If I printed a raster like that out I could also take it with me on location scouts, do my measuring, draw it in there, then scan it import that into Photoshop, knowing one square equals a meter (or 3 foot or something like that), right?
I tried building a raster like that (attached - one square equaling 1 square meter) but I don't think it is as exact as it would have to be in order to make sense. Is there an official one?

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I just realized that the raster would basically just have to be the same one that is displayed when I open roombuilder. Then again it would only really make sense if I could display my sketches in roombuilder so that I can build onto them which would mean that roombuilder would have to let me display my jpg as a background image. Is there a way to do that?
Not at present, though it's on our to-do list. No promises as to when, however,.

In the meantime, you CAN display a blueprint on the floor of the main view by going to EDIT SET PARAMETERS and choosing to apply a floor texture.

You can then directly drag in walls from the object library and lay them out on top of that.

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