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Penthouse with a view?
Hi all -

New user here; been checking out all the fantastic resources on the forums and am VERY impressed with some of the work out there...hopefully someday I can reach that level...

For the time being though, I'm a little stuck. I need an upscale luxury penthouse set overlooking central park. I've got the building basics down and even managed to take the "one way mirror" object and turn it into a glass wall of sorts. Problem is, I need a shot where one of the characters is looking out over the city through this window and I don't quite know how to simulate the view. I was trying all sorts of things last night, up to and including elevating my entire set, but that seems an awful lot of work and might mess other things up.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get the appropriate view from a high-rise penthouse?

Was also surpsied not to find any picture Taxi's available in the default objects... I managed to "convert" the police car for the mostpart, but could use some decals for signage...also couldn't seem to get rid of the front grill police lights. Sad

Anyway, sorry for the ramble - the main question is re: Elevated set views. Anyone have advice?
Here's what I did for something like this. I created a wall with a window, and then found a shot of the city I wanted to use. I used it as a decal for another wall placed outside the wall with the window; I was then able to manipulate the background

My shot was of the San Francisco skyline from up high; it is for a re-working of "The Birds".

You'll have to find an aerial shot of Central park -- that will likely be your biggest challenge because the angle you need would probably be difficult to just find.

I've attached a screenshot as illustration.

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