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Accidentally Deleted Stored Pose!
I am still working in version (Pro edition) and I just accidentally deleted one of the basic stored poses in the Green Room that come standard with FrameForge (as opposed to an imported/created pose; in this instance, Expressions -> Eyes Closed). I can't find any way to restore this lost pose, and have never figured out a way to close and open actor eyes without it (otherwise, I'd just create and store it as a "new" pose).

Any guidance on how I can remedy this mistake will be greatly appreciated!
You have three possibilities:

1. Menu Help -> Check for Program Updates
this should find your deleted file and import it automatically

2. Actor in Greenroom:
Panel: Actors Look -> Use Expression Editor -> Modifiers -> Blink Left / Blink Right
(I don't know if the Epression Editor is already part of your Version - but I think so)

3. Reinstall FrameForge over the old installation.

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