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It's awards time again, we're looking for Feature films that used FrameForge!
FrameForge is up for another major award, and we need to find all the feature films that used the program on it.

So, if you used FrameForge on one or more Feature Film that received Theatrical Release, please let us know and it will not only help us immensely, but it might win you free Upgrades for life, including expansion packs!

Because we may need to contact you, it's best if we do this via email, so please email us at FrameForge Theatrical Stories

Please include your name and for each film please list


Your Position:__________________

Theatrical Distribution
[   ]    World-Wide
[   ]    World-Wide (Limited)
[   ]    Other __________________

Festivals / Awards Won (Optional):
FrameForge Storyboard Studio
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