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Zombies for Halloween!
It's scary out there... so we thought we'd help you bring a little scary inside too with eight free zombie/skeletons and a whole bunch of new textures and decals for making even more...


Get them here!  (Requires FrameForge version 3 or later)

Two of them require expansion packs available in all subscriptions and in the premium editions, but if you don't have either of those and you want to pick up a missing expansion pack you can do so here:
We'd love to see what kind of mischief you get up to with them, so post your pictures!
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I tried downloading the attachment but it down loads as one jpg picture, not individual textures and decals. Is there a way to download them as intended?
Hi Seanist,

Good question. Below the image is text "Get them here" is the download link for the .cpack.

Below is a link with instructions from our knowledgebase to install a .cpack:

Hope that helps!

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