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New Jpeg Creations for OUTDOOR SET FLOORS
I created four 1024 x 1024 Pixel Jpeg Images for use as "Textures" on Outdoor Set "Floors". (they fit the automatically resized 125' x 125' outdoor "floor" size in the Edit Set Parameter dialog box)

They are for a Tropical Island/Ocean/Beach scene.

One is of Light Cream Coloured Sand.

One is of Multi-Coloured Water (White/Turquoise/Dark Blue)with a calm ripple effect.

One contains Half of the Light Cream Coloured Sand, and half of the Multi-Coloured Water.

The final one contains One Quarter of the Light Cream Coloured Sand, and Three Quarters of the Multi Coloured Water.

I hope you can find some use for them.

They should probably go in your Textures - Locations folder.

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Great Work. Smile
Cedric Akins Wrote:Great Work. Smile
Thanks. Smile

Tomorrow I might add another water jpeg, also with multicoloured water, but this time with a more "bluish" turquoise, instead of the more "greenish" one I used for the ones above.

I've also got 256x256 texture files of darker sand that I might post as well.

I downloaded a free photoshop plug-in that is supposed to create very realistic looking snow or hail etc, but I have no idea how to access or open/start the plug-in. :lol

If I ever figure it out, I might create some snow textures. and share them.

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