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Trying to get actors to carry items
I am killing myself for hours on a shot where I have two characters each carrying items.  For the life of me, I can not get the items to stick with the characters as they walk across a set.  Please if anyone has tips, I really need them.

1. Female character is holding 3 items: a small plant, large binder, and purse (she has her hands full).  I am using the <Walking Slowly> pose, and on top of that the Both Arms > Cradling Object* sub-pose.

2. I've tried EVERYTHING, most recently- Glueing the 3 objects first and then creating a relationship preset with the female character.

3. Male character is carrying one prop- a large black garbage bag.  Same pose as above: <Walking Slowly> pose, and on top of that the Both Arms > Cradling Object* sub-pose.

4. Items eventually disappear in tweens between frames, or drift slowly away.   Also, I am having serious trouble with the Relationships being selectable.  1/2 the time the menu is greyed out.

Am I approaching this all wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh
Hi choco,
My experience with carrying things (especially bags or props near a characters body) is similar if the movements are complex.
I think carrying more than one prop is only possible if the character doesn't move.
My workaround is to prevent the arms or head from moving. But this also works only on a basic level. If you want to combine a prop exactly during movements you have to select each Tween with a double-click and reposition the prop for each frame. Phuuu... a lot of work.


Some relationships are only a starting point. (Try to wear "thick glasses" on various characters....)
Hi Werter,

This is a wonderful tip- I wasn't aware of the pop up setting, and I didn't see it anywhere in the manual.  I will try it later and report back.  I spent so much time on this yesterday that I need to get everything else done before revisiting this difficult shot.

Thanks so much for helping out, I appreciate it.

Good to hear Smile
A more detailed information about this can be found in the "Help" menu of FrameForge4 -> "FrameForge 4 Supplement"
For anyone out there looking up this issue in the near or distant future- werter24's suggestion to my original post worked. Basically I:

1) created a Relationship between each prop and actor, while the prop was positioned in their arms which i moved into position, while already in basic <Walking slowly> pose.

2) creating above relationship automatically glued the props to the actors

3) When composing each shot, double-check or reapply relationship for each prop (sometimes the relationship would suddenly drop for no reason)

4) When you are ready to generate your tweens, click on Override Walks in the Shot Manager first. Restrict movement of the actor(s) arms while they perform the walking pose (see werter24's earlier post in this thread).

That should do it. Not perfect, but pretty good. Although I had to change the woman's props for carrying three items , to just carrying two. The 3rd item would not stick- I think because the program needs a free hand for each prop, even though in theory I should be able to glue several props together first, before creating the relationship and glueing the whole thing. But that never worked.

Hi Choco,
it is definitely worth to experiment with the "Arm Movement" settings.
Shot Manager -> Override Walks -> Arm Movement

I have created a situation with three Objects. The two wheels are glued together. My Arm Movement settings are "Tween both arms".
I had no idea there was a pop-up option, and I certainly didn't find any mention of it in the handbook. Soon I will give it a shot and give you my thoughts. basketball stars
 After yesterday's effort, I'd rather finish off the rest of my tasks before returning to this tricky shot.

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